Lord Chidgey delivers key speech at international conference

Lord Chidgey  E-mailed 15-6-09Liberal Democrat peer and former Eastleigh MP Lord David Chidgey has delivered a key speech on the role of parliaments in achieving sustainable development at an international conference in London.

The International Parliamentary Conference on the Post-2015 Development Agenda brought together delegates from more than 60 countries and was held over three days at the Houses of Parliament.

Lord Chidgey, who is the Lib Dem spokesman on International Development and Africa in the House of Lords, told the conference that now was the time for parliaments to take a stronger role in the new global partnership for effective development.

He said: “If parliaments don’t step up now in scrutinising the decisions of government s they will lose the opportunity to help shape future relationships between the developed and the developing worlds.

“Parliaments often don’t have the resources to carry out their scrutiny role effectively, but continuing to bypass parliaments because of perceived weaknesses just further weakens rather than develops capacity.

“A parliament with teeth – one that can exercise its constitutional mandate – is in everyone’s interests. That is why the quality of parliamentary insight is such an important indicator of aid effectiveness.”

Parliaments should be involved from an early stage in aid and development agreements, Lord Chidgey told the conference.

“They need to send a strong message to the aid community,” said Lord Chidgey.

“Parliamentary scrutiny is the cornerstone of oversight and the quality of oversight is vital to development.”


Published and promoted by Tim Gordon on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, both at LDHQ, 8-10 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AE.


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