Brian Paddick “Victims and survivors of LGBT domestic abuse must know that they are not alone” (via Huffington Post)

Lord Paddick
Lord Paddick

Many years ago I fell in love with a handsome man and we started living together. Everything was fine to begin with but gradually and almost imperceptibly things began to change. Only occasionally would something happen that made me think things were not quite right. The first occasion was when he tore-up a birthday card from a friend because he suspected it was from a secret lover. He would often get angry if I got held-up at work. He would not believe that there was an innocent explanation. He would say that unless I was home within half an hour he would not be home when I got there. I would get stressed rushing home to beat his deadline.

He used to check my mobile phone. He found an entry he did not recognise and assumed that “Bruno” was someone I was having an affair with. He refused to believe my denials and was angry for days. Out of desperation, I brought home the phone book belonging to my boss’ secretary to prove that Bruno was actually my boss’ driver. Only then would he believe me although it would not be long before he found some other excuse to have a go at me. It was a combination of excessive jealousy and an excuse to shout at me. He would get angry with me for the slightest reason and twice the emotional abuse became physical.

Full story here


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