Dick Newby: revisiting the Limehouse Declaration (via Lib Dem Voice)

On the wall of our downstairs loo is a framed copy of the Limehouse Declaration, issued at the inception of the SDP on 21 January 1981.

Baron Newby
Baron Newby

In the light of Matthew Oakeshott’s parting contention that Nick has led us as a party without roots, principles or values, I have re-read it to test his contention.

On international affairs the post-2010 Lib Dems have followed Limehouse to the letter – not just by being rooted and principled over Europe, but by our record on international development – underpinned by giving 0.7% of GDP in aid for the first time ever.

On civil liberties and human rights, we have not only resisted calls for retrenchment, but by championing same sex marriage, more effective action on FGM and shared parental leave, have made significant advances.

On constitutional reform – barely even referred to in Limehouse – the failures of this Parliament to reform the voting system and the House of Lords lie at the door of both Labour and the Conservatives, who hate change. To implicitly blame Nick is simply ridiculous.

Full article here



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