Dick Taverne: Scotland and the UK are better together (via The Herald)

Lord Taverne
Lord Taverne

I AM an immigrant. My native tongue is Dutch. I was delighted in due course to become a British citizen (not an English or Welsh or Scottish citizen) because of Britain’s contribution to democracy and culture. That contribution was Scottish as much as English; think of the Enlightenment.

I am also a strong supporter of our membership of the EU, a union formed to turn away from the nationalism and chauvinism that has played such a destructive role in history. Instead its members agreed to share some of their sovereignty for the common benefit.

Currently we see a resurgence of nationalism and separatism in many countries in Europe that would turn the clock back to pre-war Europe. As a Brit living in England, my plea to the Scots is: please do not leave us alone at the mercy of the Little Englanders in Ukip and the Tea Party tendency in the Conservative Party.

Full letters page here

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