Robin Teverson: Infrastructure Bill delivers a cluster of Liberal Democrat priorities (via Lib Dem Voice)

Lord Teverson
Lord Teverson

A very Liberal Democrat bill got its second reading in the Lords yesterday – the Infrastructure Bill.  Lib Dems have already driven through this Parliament an Energy Act which will not just make sure that when it comes to energy infrastructure the lights stay one but that we decarbonise our energy supply.  We’ve been rolling out super fast broadband across the British countryside.  Often forgotten we also have a £35 billion railway investment programme over the next five years – and that doesn’t include HS2.

As a Party we understand that long term planned investment in our national infrastructure is an important practical policy goal where past Governments have so often failed. In this bill we move to a highways organisation that is given a long term budget that allows road investment to be planned and delivered effectively and predictably.  This is not a measure to cover our country in Tarmac, but to ensure that what we do build is part of a credible strategic programme.

Full article here


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