Joan Walmsley: The NSPCC does not go far enough (via Lib Dem Voice)

Baroness Walmsley
Baroness Walmsley

This morning the BBC had an exclusive story from the NSPCC. They have at long last shifted their position on making it a crime to cover up child abuse and have come out with a very half-hearted and confusing policy. I call it “safeguarding light.” Instead of making it the duty of everybody with the care of children in a regulated institution (like a school) to report to the Local Authority any child abuse or serious suspicion of child abuse, as I am advocating, they are saying that the duty should be on only those “closed” institutions where children are away from home, such as children’s homes, hospitals or prisons and only where there is “known” child abuse.

I was lined up to go into the studio to expose this for the poor apology for policy that it is but was cancelled at the last minute “because we’ve run out of time because of the football result last night”. However, in the prime spot at 8.10 there was a long discussion between Alan Wardle of the NSPCC and a chap called Alan Wood, president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, who felt that everything is OK now and we don’t need to do anything. So by removing me from the discussion the BBC shifted the debate from “Is this enough?” to “Should we be doing anything at all?”

Full story here



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