Paul Tyler: Progress in Magna Carta’s Birthday year (via Lib Dem Voice)

Lord Tyler
Lord Tyler

In a week when the big news is about changed faces in government, there is also much manoeuvring in the political undergrowth about the rules which govern government:  our constitution.

The House of Commons Select Committee on Political and Constitutional Reform (P&CR) has launched a debate on a written constitution for the United Kingdom.  This has been a Liberal and Liberal Democrat objective for all my time in politics, but the question has always been how such a document would be drawn up, agreed and entrenched beyond the usual parliamentary processes and partisanship.

Such a process could today be so much more open than it might have been had all our allies in Charter 88 made it start 26 years ago.  Today, this need not be the preserve of a closed convention of the great and good.  The Select Committee is asking expressly for the public to give their views through their A New Magna Carta? website.

Full article here



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