Shirley Williams writes in The Times on today’s ISIL vote

Dear Sir,

       In the discussion about the campaign of air strikes against ISIL guerrillas in Northern Iraq three key issues have not been fully addressed:

Baroness Williams
Baroness Williams of Crosby

First, Turkey, the one Muslim state that is a member of NATO, must be helped to cope with the massive flow of refugees from Iraq and Syria, not only financially, but if the Turkish Government agrees, also, by volunteers with experience in the work of caring for them.

Second, the rules of engagement for forces involved in air strikes should make it clear that civilians must be protected as far as possible. More air strikes against people already terrorised by ISIL, such as the Kurds in Northern Iraq, will alienate those whose support is crucial.

Third, the US, the UK and France, along with Turkey and Jordan, must raise through diplomatic channels the need for Arab allies, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to cease support for the Jihadis, whether through supplying arms to them or through madrasses training boys and young men to become recruits.

Shirley Williams, Liberal Democrat Peer

House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW


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