Lib Dem Lords at Conference


Baroness Falkner is talking about the Lib Dem’s work in Africa and how the party helps to shape economic and human rights policy on the continent. As part of Liberal Democrats: Pioneering Work in Africa (20:15 SECC – Carron 2)


Baroness Brinton will be at the Who wants to be Party President? (13:00 Crowne Plaza – Castle 2) as part of a Q&A session for the current candidates for Party President.

Baroness Falkner is taking part in Demos’ debate titled Trusting the demos: Does the public always know best?
(13.00 Campanile – Monet 1&2)

Baroness Walmsley & Baroness Brinton will be in the main hall at 17:10 to move the policy motion on Tackling Child Abuse. The proposal calls for a legal duty on all staff working in regulated activity to report to the local authority known abuse or reasonable suspicion of abuse. Furthermore, all staff working in contact with children who have to complete CRB forms to have training in recognising the early signs of child abuse, and the routes to reporting. Further measures include The Government sponsoring a strong public campaign to make children confident with reporting incidents that they feel uncomfortable about. There are also calls for new legislation to protect whistle-blowers who come into contact with children, to empower them to report incidents without fear of the impact on their own position.

Lord Ashdown, Baroness Jolly, Diana Maddock & Dick Newby are all talking at the official Lib Dem lords event Peer Power: Using the Lords to win in 2015 (18.15 SECC – Katrine) discussing the best ways to use peers ahead of next year’s general election.

Lord Shipley is participating in the IPPR’s event titled Made in Britain: Developing a workforce to compete globally (18.15 SECC – Ness) alongside Vince Cable.

Baroness Kramer is being interviewed as part of CentreForum and The Transport Hub’s event The Big interview with Baroness Kramer, Minister of State for Transport (18:15 Crowne Plaza – Staffa), on a number of issues which will also include questions from the audience.

Baroness Falkner is speaking at Unrepresentative democracy: Creating a more diverse political class (18:15-19:30 Crowne Plaza – Staffa).

Baroness Kramer is talking about how we can utilise cycle-friendly solutions for our communities at Making space for cycling – Delivering for cyclists at a local level (19:45 SECC – Carron 2).

Baroness Barker will be looking back to the Lib Dems past to dig out ideas going forward at the Lib Dem History Group’s Great Liberal thinkers: lessons for the future (19:45 – Campanile, Picasso 2)


Baroness Kramer is discussing devolution of Whitehall powers to UK cities at City Centred: Why devolution is at the heart of the 2015 election (08:00 SECC – Dochart 2)

Lord Storey is discussing youth policy with a number of organisations representing a variety of policy areas at Liberal Democrat Youth Policy (08:00 SECC – Leven)

Lord Wallace of Tankerness is talking about the legal, political and constitutional impacts of the Scottish referendum Scotland – After the Referendum (09:30 Campanile – Picasso 3)

Lord Newby is taking part in the Money Advice Service’s event Indebted Lives: How can we help people escape from debt? (13:00 SECC – Katrine)

Student’s, speak up! (13:00 SECC – Morar) will see Lord Storey chair a discussion on how to ensure students have a voice.

Lord Purvis will be chairing Dignity in Dying’s discussion titled Dying in the 21st Century: Are policy makers reflecting people’s end-of-life priorities (13:00 Crowne Plaza – Staffa).

Baroness Northover is moving the policy motion Expanding Opportunity, Unlocking Potential (Equalities Policy Paper) that looks to work towards opportunities and employment for all, address inequalities in health and wellbeing, build an inclusive society that celebrates diversity, and work towards a Lib Dem vision of equality that includes the promotion of fairness and equality between citizens and the state.

Baroness Harris, Baroness Ludford, Baroness Hamwee, Lord Paddick & Lord Marks are all speaking at the Police Federation Constables’ event Constables – The Frontline of Policing (18:15 – 20:00 Glasgow Hilton, Dee – Room 10)

Lord Shipley is talking about the north east region at NE England: What’s in it for us@ What’s in it for you
(19:45 SECC – Dochart 1).

ResPublica is hosting and interview with Lord Ashdown, discussing the meaning a future of liberalism. In Conversation With…Paddy Ashdown (19:45 Crowne Plaza – Barra).

Baroness Brinton is talking about GP waiting times at Why are we waiting: Can politicians solve the general practice access crisis? (19:45 Crowne Plaza – Castle 1).

Baroness Grender is joining Holocaust survivor Mala Tribick MBE as she shares her testimony (19:45 Crowne Plaza – Hebrides)

Lord Kirkwood is sharing his views on next year’s general election as part of The Race is On! Who’ll be first past the post in 2015? (21:30 Crowne Plaza – Argyll 2).


Lord Razzall & Lord Clement Jones are discussing the role of legal and professional services in the economic recovery at the CentreForum and Law Society event Supporting Britain’s global economic recovery (08:00 SECC – Boisdale 2)

Baroness Maddock & Lord Shipley are discussing A low carbon, affordable energy policy for all (08:00 SECC – Etive)

Minister for Transport Baroness Kramer is talking on the health benefits of green transport at Living longer: how will we keep Britain moving? (08:00 Campanile – Picasso 2)

Lord Shipley is chairing Urban transport question time – What do the voters want? (13:00 Crowne Plaza – Castle 1) which will include discussion with Baroness Kramer.

Baroness Parminter will be talking at the League Against Cruel Sport’s event Do animals matter? Are there votes in animal welfare? (13:00 Crowne Plaza – Castle 3) exploring animal welfare policy ahead of the general election.

Baroness Kramer will be joining the Rail Delivery Group to discuss The Liberal Democrat’s vision for Rail
(13:15 SECC – Alsh 2)

Baroness Kramer is taking part in a members only ministerial question and answer session (15:00 SECC – Carron 1).

Baroness Kramer will be talking about the future of our railways in Beyond HS2: What’s next for rail? (18:15 Crowne Plaza – Castle 3).

CHAMP’s Northern Ireland Reception (18:15 – 20:00 Glasgow Hilton, Dee – Room 10) will feature Baroness Harris as a guest speaker.

Baroness Parminter will be talking about green issues with the WWF at Can the Liberal Democrats win the green vote in 2015? (19:45 SECC – Carron).

Lord Teverson will be speaking at the Homes fit for the Future reception (19:45 Crowne Plaza – Castle 1).


Lord Teverson, Lib Dem climate change spokesperson in the Lords, will be talking at Beyond 2015: How green Britain be given its energy challenges (08:00 SECC – Ness).

Lord Shipley will be talking at the discussion on What can business do to reduce child poverty and increase social mobility? (09:30 SECC – Boisdale 2).

Baroness Kramer will be talking trains at From HS2 to HS3: A high speed route to re-balance Britain? (09:30 SECC – Dochart 2)


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