Earl of Oxford & Asquith elected to the House of Lords

The Earl of Oxford & Asquith is the newest Lib Dem hereditary peer to join the House of Lords following yesterday’s by-election.

The Earl of Oxford has stated that his focus will be foreign and defence policy, foreign trade and commercial affairs as well as farming and environmental issues.

The by-election, to fill the hereditary seat of the late Lib Dem Lord Methuen, saw 15 candidates from across the main parties, standing for a single seat.

Unwritten rules (the ‘Carter Convention’) mean that Lib Dem, Tory, Labour and Cross-Bench peers were all expected to follow convention and vote for a Liberal Democrat candidate.

The result was announced at the end of Lords questions today.

Jim Wallace, Deputy Leader of the House of Lords, says:  

“The system is far from perfect, but on this occasion it has meant the welcome addition to our ranks of the Earl of Oxford & Asquith, whose knowledge and expertise will be of great benefit to our group and to the House as a whole.”


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