Jenny Randerson welcomes Wales Bill passing through House of Lords

Baroness Randerson
Baroness Randerson

Lib Dem Wales Office Minister Baroness Randerson welcomed the Wales Bill passing through the House of Lords as an important milestone towards creating a lasting and robust devolution settlement.

The Bill will devolve a range of tax and borrowing powers to Wales including landfill tax, stamp duty land tax and, subject to a referendum, some income tax.

It had its third reading in the Lords yesterday where the UK Government’s amendments to give the power to the Welsh Assembly to determine whether 16 and 17 year-olds should have the right to vote in an income tax referendum were also approved.

The Bill is expected to reach Royal Assent in the New Year once it is has been debated in the House of Commons.

Jenny Randerson said:

The Wales Bill will mean big changes for everyone in Wales with more local decisions over how taxes are spent and more powers over how much Wales borrows.

In devolving these powers we are giving the Welsh Government the tools to help build a stronger economy and fairer society in Wales.


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