Susan Kramer announces second phase of £5 million ultra-low emission vehicles scheme

Baroness Kramer
Baroness Kramer

Public sector organisations to bid for funding from a £5 million scheme to get ultra-low emission vehicles into their fleets.

Up to 35 public sector organisations are being asked to bid for funding from a £5 million scheme to support ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV), Lib Dem Transport Minister Baroness Kramer announced today (13 January 2015).

Organisations including the police, fire services and the NHS will be able to test their ULEV-readiness, as part of a drive to get electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles into the fleets of central government.

The scheme was announced last year and today is being opened to the wider public sector. Winners will be offered a fully-funded fleet review to identify how to introduce greener vehicles.

The first phase saw 15 government departments launch reviews of their vehicle fleets and will see around 150 vehicles begin to enter fleets from February. The second phase is expected to see more than 200 plug-in vehicles introduced to the fleets of other public sector organisations.

Lib Dem Transport Minister Baroness Kramer said:

We want the public sector to lead by example. This £5 million investment will see a significant increase in the number of plug-in vehicles used by public bodies such as local authorities, police forces and the NHS and help both the environment and the economy. I look forward to seeing the results.

The £5 million is in addition to £500 million announced by the Deputy Prime Minister in April 2014, which includes:

  • at least £200 million to continue the Plug In Car Grant, which cuts up to £5,000 off the price of a new ULEV car
  • £100 million for research and development
  • £35 million cities scheme, to increase the uptake of ultra low emission vehicles
  • £20 million to encourage ULEV taxis
  • £30 million to boost the low emission bus market
  • £32 million for more chargepoints

ULEVs are a major growth area for the hugely successful UK automotive sector, which is worth more than £11 billion to the economy.

2014 sales were 4 times greater than 2013 sales and over 1% of new car sales in October and November were ULEVs. In December, 1 in every 78 cars sold was an ULEV.

The government is also backing the Go Ultra Low campaign to help fleets and general motorists understand the benefits, cost savings and capabilities of ultra low emission vehicles. Go Ultra Low is also supported by leading car manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

Further details are available at

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