Paul Tyler: Devolution Dialogue on Democracy Day (via Lib Dem Voice)

Today is “Democracy Day”, a project running across BBC TV and Radio.  It’s fitting that in this same week, Nick Harvey and I have published proposals to bring decisions closer to those whom they affect: a prerequisite for real democracy in Britain.

Lord Tyler
Lord Tyler

Here on Liberal Democrat Voice, we have already had considerable debate over the merit of “devolution on demand” as compared to a big-bang, devolution-everywhere-now solution.  My views are well rehearsed!

However, the benefit of the CentreForum Devolution Dialogue in which Nick and I set out our alternative positions is that it brought us together in a greater measure of consensus than we anticipated.  Nick is still with those of you prefer to set out a scheme of devolution and press ahead with it everywhere.  His articulation of the case persuaded me that we should be more ambitious than simply letting everywhere devolve at their own pace.  He is right to say that we cannot leave some parts of the country permanently in limbo, still at the mercy of Westminster/Whitehall centralisation.

Full article here


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