Leading academics to discuss Welsh devolution with Lib Dem Wales Minister Jenny Randerson

Baroness Randerson
Baroness Randerson

Leading academics from across Wales will today (26 January) meet Lib Dem Wales Office Minister Jenny Randerson to discuss the future of Welsh devolution.

She will bring together experts from a number of Welsh universities to share their views on how the UK government can best deliver further devolution for Wales.

The roundtable event will provide the academics with an important opportunity to discuss and comment on the UK government’s Welsh devolution programme.

Baroness Randerson said the meeting would also aim to build on the UK government’s strong track record on devolution.

Baroness Randerson said:

It’s important that we hear a wide range of views on how we can deliver constitutional change that works for Wales.

The academics I’m meeting today are some of the best and brightest minds in Wales and have an excellent understanding of Welsh politics, history and society. Many of them also play a leading role in our universities – institutions which are key to a successful Welsh economy.

They will bring a fresh insight and analysis to some critically important issues for Wales.

I’m sure they will make a valuable contribution to the devolution programme and the debate around the future of Welsh governance.

Baroness Randerson will chair the discussion at The Wales Office’s Caspian Point office in Cardiff.


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