Jeremy Purvis: Aid backlash faced off in Lords (via Lib Dem Voice)

Lord Purvis
Lord Purvis

Last Friday I had to face off against serious opposition to Michael Moore’s International Development Private Members Bill (The 0.7% Bill) during its Committee Stage in the House of Lords.

It was clear from the Second Reading debate a few weeks ago that the overwhelming majority of Peers, across all Parties, support the aims behind Michael’s Bill. Its aim is simple- to enshrine in law our commitment to spending 0.7% of Gross National Income on International Aid, helping some of the world’s poorest people.

Led by Nigel Lawson, a small number of Peers tabled a large number of amendments. Variously damaging, unnecessary and ill-considered the House was not impressed. I responded to each with courtesy and clarity, as Michael did to the protagonists against in the Commons. All the amendments were withdrawn but further stages in the Lords remain.

The full article is here 


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