Lord Wallace and Lord Newby comment on the death of Charles Kennedy

Lord Wallace of Tankerness
Lord Wallace of Tankerness

Commenting on the death of Charles Kennedy, Jim Wallace (Lord Wallace of Tankerness), Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, said:

“Charles Kennedy was a hugely gifted and principled man with a common touch.

“He was one of my oldest and closest friends in politics. We both entered the House of Commons on the same day in 1983, representing Highlands & Islands seats. I campaigned with him in the recent general election campaign.

“I have just so many memories of him, but what I will probably remember most were his instinctive humanity, his infectious good humour and his determined, even stubborn commitment to the principles and the values he believed in.

“Above all, he had a way of communicating his message in a down-to-earth human way which was second to none among his contemporaries.

“Much will be written and said about the key moments of his career; but my feelings today are profoundly personal. It’s about the loss his family are experiencing, and not least Donald, of whom Charles was intensely proud. It’s about the loss to our public life, as he still had much to contribute. It’s about the loss of a friend. But even in sadness, memories can’t help but bring a smile.

“It’ll be a long time before we see his like again.”

Baron Newby
Lord Newby

Dick Newby, Liberal Democrat Chief Whip in the Lords, said:

“Charles was the most naturally gifted politician I’ve ever worked with. He instinctively knew where he stood on the big issues. He was immensely generous spirited in both his politics and his broader approach to life. I am proud to have worked closely with him.”


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