Claire Tyler: The current state of mental health crisis care is not just unfortunate it is unfair (via Politics Home)

Baroness Tyler of Enfield
Baroness Tyler of Enfield

Writing for Politics Home, the Lib Dem Spokesperson for Mental Health, Baroness Claire Tyler, responds to the Care Quality Commission’s ‘Right Here, Right Now’ report.

When people experiencing mental health crises don’t have access to the sort of timely, effective, and compassionate care that people with physical health problems do, it’s not just unfortunate—it’s unfair. The Care Quality Commission’s Right Here, Right Now report is a timely assessment of the current state of mental health crisis care and frankly it makes for pretty sobering reading.

Last year, and greatly to their credit, Norman Lamb as Minister, local government and leaders of key services signed up to the 2014 Mental Health Crisis Concordat. In doing so, they agreed to work towards making sure that compassionate and understanding crisis care would be available 24/7; that a mental health crisis would be treated with the same urgency as a physical health crisis; that people should be treated with dignity and respect in an environment that is conducive to their needs; and that appropriate follow-up services would be provided.

But as the CGC’s report demonstrates, we still have a long way to go in meeting these goals. Only 14% of those who responded to the CGC survey said that the crisis care they received provided the right response and helped resolve their crisis. Too often, appropriate services are not available in a timely manner or patients are passed between multiple services before they can finally receive help. The same survey reports that 32% of people were unsure who to contact in a crisis. As a result, many individuals turn to A&E because they have nowhere else to go.

The full article can be found here


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