Lord Wallace: We are stronger, better off and safer in Europe (via The Scotsman)

Lord Wallace of Tankerness
Lord Wallace of Tankerness

Writing for The Scotsman, Jim Wallace, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords and a cross-party champion for Britain Stronger in Europe, has laid out the issues facing Scotland and the wider UK.

Turning the page and seeing another article about a referendum campaign, readers will be forgiven for experiencing déjà vu. But as minds turn towards the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, voters will face a vital choice for the future of our country. And we must be in no doubt about the magnitude of the choice we face.

As a Liberal Democrat, I have always believed that by working together, countries can achieve more than if they work alone. Britain’s membership of the EU is essential for creating a stronger economy and increases our influence in a more global economy. This has real, tangible benefits for everyone in Scotland.

Being part of the world’s largest market supports jobs and businesses in Scotland. It is estimated that 330,000 Scottish jobs are linked with trade with the EU, and major employers such as BAE Systems, Diageo and Shell have declared that Europe helps Scottish business to thrive and invest.

The full article is here

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