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Dick Taverne: Immigrants should be encouraged to study at British universities, not turned away (via Politics Home)

Lord Taverne
Lord Taverne

Writing for Politics Home, Dick Taverne highlighted the benefits that foreign students bring to Britain. 

Polls show that immigration is an issue of widespread concern. But public concern is not about immigrant students whom most people welcome. They know how much foreign students benefit Britain. Industry needs them.  They bring in billions to the Treasury. They enrich the quality (and income) of our universities.

Nevertheless government policies often seem to ignore these benefits and make foreign students feel they are not welcome – strict visa requirements for instance and a high minimum earnings requirement for those who want to stay after graduation. Another minor example, which few know about, causes despair and injustice to a particularly vulnerable and deserving group of young immigrants.  They are those who came to Britain as unaccompanied child refugees and who are denied a chance to go to university even if they do well at school…

The full article can be found here

Dick Taverne: Scotland and the UK are better together (via The Herald)

Lord Taverne
Lord Taverne

I AM an immigrant. My native tongue is Dutch. I was delighted in due course to become a British citizen (not an English or Welsh or Scottish citizen) because of Britain’s contribution to democracy and culture. That contribution was Scottish as much as English; think of the Enlightenment.

I am also a strong supporter of our membership of the EU, a union formed to turn away from the nationalism and chauvinism that has played such a destructive role in history. Instead its members agreed to share some of their sovereignty for the common benefit.

Currently we see a resurgence of nationalism and separatism in many countries in Europe that would turn the clock back to pre-war Europe. As a Brit living in England, my plea to the Scots is: please do not leave us alone at the mercy of the Little Englanders in Ukip and the Tea Party tendency in the Conservative Party.

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